We often get asked by agents whether they should use their Facebook personal profiles or whether they should work from a business page. Unfortunately, the answer is not a simple one, and it depends on what you as an agent want to get out of your Facebook activities. As a starting point, you need to look at your personal activity in social media, and then you need to understand the rules of how you can use a personal and business page to enhance your business.
Use the following Q&A to guide your decision:

1. Are you comfortable mixing your personal posts with business communication?

  • Yes: Personal Profile
  • No: Business Page

Note: You cannot have a business page without having a personal profile, and maintaining 2 pages may be more work. If you are comfortable mixing business and pleasure, it is easier to build and manage one page.

2. Do you feel Facebook is more of a relationship marketing platform than a direct marketing platform?

  • Yes: Business Page
  • No: Personal Profile

Note:Facebook is both a relationship marketing and direct marketing platform, but many people think of it only as a relationship marketing platform. If what you want to do is connect with others and engage, then use your personal profile. If you want to increase create direct marketing initiatives, you should develop a business page, as you can target, assess and amplify messages better.

3. Do you value having a deep understanding of your audience’s demographics and habits?

  • Yes: Business Page
  • No: Personal Profile

Note: If you prefer to have a well-rounded view of your audience, then a business page may be for you. Facebook Insights can provide demographics as well as details on the content your followers enjoy and engage with more, and it is only available with a business page.

4. Are you interested in spending money on Facebook advertising to increase your audience and “boost” your exposure?

  • Yes: Business Page
  • No: Personal Profile

Note: You cannot advertise with a just a personal profile, so if you think social advertising is for you, you need to have a business page.
The bottom line – Facebook Business Pages have more potential to grow your brand than personal profiles, but they require more work, time, and potentially money. Most people should use personal pages until they are ready to make the investment.

Let us know what you think!