Earlier this year we wrote an article about the importance of real estate agents/brokers posting local content to connect with your community. As a second part to that article we want to provide guidance on common questions we receive from real estate professionals regarding their social media content:

“What types of local content should I post?”

In 2012, NPR performed a study on what types of content received the most engagement on social media. They came up with nine categories. These categories, while accurate, did not adapt perfectly when trying to post content in the real estate industry. For example, one category is “Provocative Controversies” which breaks the all-important rule, which inherently comes with controversial stories, of potentially offending your audience. So to make it relevant to the real estate industry, and more importantly consistently achievable we have curated the 5 best categories:

1. Place Explainers

Your town is unique; it has its own personality that makes it different to everywhere else. “Place Explainers” articles seek to highlight and define what it is about your local community that is quirky, weird, funny and just different about your town. As examples that help to define and highlight the unique qualities of your community is one on the top spots to host a kid’s party in Bucks County PA or the 10 best slices of pizza in South Florida. These articles are easy to find for your own town and are a great way to spur debate, or engagement!

2. Crowd Pleasers

“I believe that we will win!” was chanted across the US during the World Cup this was mainly due to the promotional videos in the lead-up. “Crowd Pleasers” much like that video will get your community to band together in support or pride about the positive things happening in your community. A great example of this is an article from Somerset County New Jersey claiming that Somerset is the 5th best county in the US. This is not only a crowd pleaser but also is a promotion for anyone looking to move to Somerset County.

3. Curiosity Stimulators

Two recent articles by ksl.com, a local news source for Salt Lake City, Utah, are good examples of articles that fit this category. If you’re selling homes in Utah, an attractive article may be something like this one that shows a fast forward timeline of how the beautiful rock arches in Utah’s national park are formed. The second article is the remarkable story of an all type 1 diabetic cycling team taking on the competition in the Tour of Utah. These two articles follow the main guideline of being able to potentially kindle your local community’s interest and curiosity to the point that they can’t look away. If you are unsure about an article try to figure out if the article fits the categories of geeky, unusual, remarkable, unbelievable or clever. What will resonate best with your audience, or the audience that you want to reach?

4. “Feel-Good Smilers”

There is a reason why cats are the most popular thing on the internet. “Feel-Good Smilers” are stories that are either happy or funny stories. A local news story about the arrival of a baby giraffe to the nearby zoo in Houston or a celebration of the success of a charity event in Franklin, New Jersey are great examples of how you are able to engage your community with positive news stories about your community. Bonus points if you can educate them about a relevant topic!

5. Awe-Inspiring Visuals

These articles capture the amazing and beautiful of your town through photos and videos. These are easy to find and adding a call-to-action to encourage engagement or sharing will expand the reach of your content. Even a post as simple as the top photos of the week is a great “filler” when content is sparse.

Overall, local content gets more engagement than non-geographical specific content. By posting content from these five different categories you will be sure to engage your clients and grow your relationships.