There is an art to composing effective social media posts that motivate your fans and followers to read and share your posts. Here are some tips on crafting posts that will grab attention:

1. Keep it short

Get right to the point and stay focused on your key message. The success of Twitter is proof that you can say a lot in just 140 characters.

2. Make it sweet…

…Or funny or inspiring or just plain cute. People tend to share posts that appeal to their emotions – that’s why photos of cats or babies are so popular. Share an inspiring story or add a catchy snap (it’s worth a thousand words).

3. Put the reader first

Most people want to know, “What’s in it for me?” Tell your audience how the information you’re sharing benefits them.

4. Be search engine friendly

Think about the types of information buyers and sellers search for online, things like ‘why you need homeowners insurance’, ‘where to live’ or ‘how a mortgage works’ and incorporate these terms into your posts. In addition to capturing your audience’s interest, you’ll also improve your search engine ranking.

5. Invite participation

Ask questions, encourage spirited debate and respond to other people’s posts. The more you interact with your fans and followers, the stronger your online community will be.