In social media, the quality of the information you share matters. Quality posts are ones that have some kind of value for your audience, whether that value is informational, educational or just entertainment. Here’s a short list of tips for building quality into your Facebook posts:
Use Visuals: As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so share a photo! Photos can range from original photos by the brand to attributed graphics from other sources. Of course, original content is best. Snap a picture when you’re out and about with friends, doing activities in your market area. Take photos of cool events or things in your area, and share with a quick description.

Ask Questions: Posing questions to fans (about their hobbies, home renovations, weekend plans, etc.) is a good way to increase engagement. Questions can also garner good comment engagement.

Post Interesting Facts or Quotes: Short-form content such as a short fact or figure creates a low-commitment way for your followers to engage. Try to keep these statistics or quotes relevant to your business or your community to encourage quick engagement via Likes and Shares.

Share Real Estate Culture: Incorporate articles, facts or photos about the culture of your business. This could include facts about the history of real estate, the areas you work in, weird trivia-type facts, famous estates and more. If you find a great article, feel free to link to it more than once. For example, this article is called “Weird Real Estate Facts You (Probably) Never Knew: Google’s Goats and More.” Throughout the course of a few months, you could link back to this same article, picking out one fact or figure each time. Examples of posts:

Post 1: Did you know? Google rents goats to do its mowing. (Talk about an eco-efficient lawn mower!) (Link)

Post 2: For Housewarming parties, guests used to bring firewood and light fires in all the fireplaces in the home to warm up the place for the family and to ward off evil spirits. (Link)

Post 3: Fun Fact Friday: In Scotland, homeowners paint their front door red when they pay off their mortgage. (Link)

When writing these posts, it’s helpful to take an article and write several posts right away. Then you will have an inventory of posts to choose from, rather than having to write original content daily.

Create a Theme: You can also try to have some sort of theme to your postings. For example, “Throwback Thursday” is when people post old photos of themselves or others. Use this trend as an opportunity to share some cool content. Post vintage house listings or pictures of historical figures in their homes.

By sharing content that people will actually care about, you’ll build stronger relationships with your followers on Facebook. As an added bonus, it can also make posting to Facebook more fun for you, too.