Think you’re too busy for social media? Good news – you don’t need to spend hours to maintain an active and engaging presence that helps you connect with potential and previous buyers and sellers. In just a few minutes a week, your Facebook page can be a great tool to help you increase visibility and positive perception of your ability as an agent. Here are 5 tips on how to stay active on social media, even if you only a few minutes:

1. Share a story you are already reading
As you’re skimming the day’s headlines, you may see an article that’s interesting. Chances are, if it grabs your attention, your audience will think it’s useful, too. All you need to do is click the “share” button and you have a post for the day.

2. Connect while waiting in line
Waiting at the deli counter? Open the Facebook app, scroll through your news feed and click “like” on a neighbor’s post. Comment that the photo of their kids is cute. Or, re-share an article that your friend shared. It only takes a few minutes and people like it when you engage with their content.

3. If you have a questions, ask
Want to know when the local farmer’s market is? Or how the girl’s soccer team did in last night’s game? You could look it up, or you could ask on Facebook. In the same amount of time it would take you to search on Google – or less – you can engage with your followers and show you care about the community.

4. If you see something interesting, take a picture and post it
While this may sound like a lot of work at first, I have tested it, and you can take a picture and post it to Facebook in less than 1 minute. Let’s say you see a new coffee shop opening on Maple Street. Pull out your phone and take a picture. There is a share button on the phone. Click Facebook. Add a quick comment like, “For all you caffeine lovers, something new on Maple to try.” And post.

5. Make it a habit
We all have our morning rituals, like reading the news or grabbing a cup of coffee. Why not make social media part of that ritual? By tying social media to something you already do every day, you won’t forget it’s time to check in and see what your fans and followers are saying.

The key to succeeding on social media is consistency. Don’t think about it too much. Like the old Nike ad says, just do it. Keeping your profile active and fresh will keep your fans engaged and keep your posts at the top of their news feeds. And, if you get yourself into the habit of social media, you’ll be surprised to find out how much you can do in just a few minutes.