As a broker, you’ve spent time and resources on building your Facebook page. So, of course you want people to check it out! Here are 6 ways for you to drive more traffic to your Facebook page, both inside and outside of Facebook.

Using the Facebook Platform

1.  Reach Out

It’s worthwhile to send direct messages to companies whose pages you’ve liked. It could read something like:

Hello, new Facebook Friend!

We love doing business with you, and we’re glad we can take our business relationship online. Please take a minute to like our new Facebook page. We’re happy to promote your business by liking and sharing your content, and we hope you’ll enjoy our posts enough to do the same!

2. Invite Friends

If you haven’t already asked your agents to follow your page on Facebook, do so! Also ask them to invite their friends to like your  page. Here’s how you do it – when you go to your page, there is a box above the timeline and under the cover photo that reads, “Invite Your Friends to Like This Page.” From there, select friends to invite.

3. Promote a Specific Post

For just a few dollars, you can pay to promote a single post from your page. Promoted posts are a way to get more people to see your posts. Promoted posts appear higher in the News Feed, so there’s a better chance your audience will see them. When you promote a post, you can choose to promote in in the News Feeds of either 1) people who like your page and their friends or 2) people you choose through targeting. If you choose targeted promotion, you can add location targeting to target a specific geographical area. Learn more about it here.

4. Create a Facebook Ad

If you want to promote your entire page, buying a Facebook Ad is the way to do it. Basically, a Facebook ad suggests that people like your page. They do this by targeting the friends of people who already like your page, so you’re more likely to get a quality follower – one who has a genuine interest in you. The cost of a Facebook Ad varies, depending on how many people you want to    reach. Learn more about purchasing and creating a Facebook ad here.

Outside of Facebook

5. Promote Your Page Via E-mail

Consider incorporating a link to your Facebook page on each employee’s e-mail signature. It should say something simple like,     “Follow us on Facebook!” with a link to the page. A word of caution: certain e-mail platforms struggle with this. Make sure to consult with your IT administrator to ensure that the link within the signature is incorporated correctly.

You can also send a quick e-mail to your client e-mail list, with a short message informing them that you are bolstering your online presence.

6. Business Cards & Marketing Materials

Use what you already have! Put your Facebook URL on your business cards and other printed marketing materials.

If you have a great tip to share on promoting a Facebook page, leave a comment!