I just got home from an amazing day at the 12th annual MLS Tech Fair. The event is designed to help brokers and agents understand how the latest technology can help them maximize their difference. It was an immersive day, and I was honored to take the stage with Nobu Hata of NAR who gave an amazing presentation on “old school real estate techniques, new school ways.” Nobu’s core message was that you must incorporate technology solutions into your everyday life. In his presentation, I heard at least 10 great tips for agents. And I heard many more ideas in presentations by Jimmy Mackin from Curaytor and Linda Davis from Real Estate Solutions.

Thinking about it on my way home, I couldn’t help but wonder how the audience would take action on all of the great ideas. In some ways, it was like drinking from a fire hose. So, below is my unsolicited advice on how to turn today’s great ideas into true benefits for your business:

Think Small: When my to do list is too long or too daunting, I can’t get anything done. The concepts were big and the recommendations were powerful, so what single idea was most accessible and within your immediate ability to implement? Put that idea into action and put the other ideas on the shelf – for now.

Give It 3 Weeks: It takes 21 days to make a habit. The meeting will motivate you, but you need to stick with it for a weeks to turn this momentum into real business impact. It’s like starting to go to the gym — you may not see immediate results. Don’t give up. Stay with it until it becomes habit.

Don’t Do It Alone: Like going on a diet with friend, you often need someone besides yourself to help you stay committed, even when you know it’s for your own good. I’m sure if you reach out to someone you met or saw at the event, they would be happy to help you make “new school ways” a habit. Tech leaders love to help others along. Or, find another agent with the same interests. Or, dare I say it, reach out to your broker. No matter who you look to for support, your chances of success are much higher if you don’t go at it alone.

As we gear up for Annual, I’ll be following my own advice on how to make the most out of the great ideas I heard at the MLS Tech Fair. Thanks again to everyone at the LI MLS for the event. I’m looking forward to seeing you all at Annual in a few weeks.