In this second installment of Facebook best practices for business, we offer tips on sharing third party content and posting at the right time of day to reach the most people.


About Unoriginal or Shared Content

You don’t need to post original content all the time to spark engagement. Encouraging your followers to submit content and sharing relevant local, industry and lifestyle information is effective, too.

Incorporate Fan Content: Invite your fans to send photos of themselves house hunting or hosting a housewarming party. Everyone likes a good makeover, so ask your fans to share before and after photos of their home renovations. Post these pictures on your page, or take it a step further and create a contest, where you ask fans to vote on their favorite photo and award the winner a low-value prize.

Spread the Word on Local Events: Post community events that your followers might be interested in, such as local festivals, local sports events, school activities, holiday celebrations or town hall meetings. If possible, purchase tickets to inexpensive events and give them away as prizes.

Share Real Estate Trends or Tips: Share updates on the real estate industry, including brokerage updates, sales trends, market statistics and home buying information. If you share an article from a third party website, make sure to give credit to the author and the source.

About Optimum Times to Post

The overall quality of the content you share is more important than the exact timing of your posts. However, numerous studies have been conducted to try to determine which times of day are the most advantageous for business-related content.

Today, most people access Facebook via mobile devices rather than their traditional desktop. This shift is important to note because it changes the way the average Facebook user engages in content. Some quick numbers on Facebook users:

> 80% of 18-44 year-olds check their smartphone as soon as they wake up.
> 86% of mobile users report using their mobile device while watching TV.
> People tend to double their mobile usage of their mobile devices during weekends.

According to a recent study, a Facebook business post will get half of its reach in the first 30 minutes after it’s published, so it’s worthwhile to schedule your posts for optimum times.

According to Constant Contact, the best times to post are:

> Early morning (both week days and weekends)
> During work hours (9 am -5 pm), especially in the afternoon (1 pm – 4 pm)
> After dinner time

Come back next week, when we’ll share our insight on how to increase the visibility of your posts and how to use Facebook analytics to measure the effectiveness of your social media efforts.