Have you been putting your Facebook best practices to work for you? We’d love to hear how your social media efforts are going.

In this last installment of our three-part blog on Facebook best practices, we offer some suggestions on how to showcase your best posts and how to use Facebook analytics to measure and monitor your social media activity.

How to Promote Posts You Think Are Important

Highlighting Posts: You can highlight your best content with a star to make sure everyone sees it. Using this feature expands your post to widescreen, increasing visibility. Learn more about starring a post here. Highlighting a post is free.

Promoting a Post: You can also feature a post by promoting it on your page so it appears higher in your News Feed. Promoting a post costs money, but also allows you to target who you promote to. Learn more about it here.

How to Gain Insight Into Your Facebook Activity:

Facebook offers analytics that help you monitor your social media efforts. Here are a few statistics you may want to keep track of:

People Talking About This (PTAT) — PTAT tells you the total number of people that have engaged with your page. This numbers includes everyone who has “liked” something, commented, shared or answered a question. PTAT provides a comprehensive view of audience engagement that goes beyond the old standards, “likes” and clicks.

Friends of Fans —This is the aggregate number of friends all your fans have, which means that each of your posts has the potential to reach all of these people. For example, if one of your fans “likes” or comments on your post, their friends will see this activity on their news feeds and your post may reach someone new.

Reach — Reach includes the total number of people who have seen content associated with your page — this number gives you a sense of how far your message has traveled.

Virality — Virality is the percentage of fans who saw a post from your Facebook page and interacted with it, either by “liking,” commenting or sharing. Pay attention to your virality percentage to assess engagement and tweak your content so virality improves.

Do you have a Facebook best practice to share? Leave a comment, and we’ll add it to the list!