When they talk about “updates” on social media, they are not always talking posts. Facebook has made one again that includes  a number of changes to their platform that you should know about. If you are currently using a company page to further support your Real Estate business, here is a quick update of the key changes:

1. Design
Facebook has eliminated the right/ left double column timeline, which means when people find your page it will look better. In fact, the new layout is even more similar to personal profiles. The key is it is now easier to see if you do not have a recent post, so keep your page updated with content.

In addition, take a look at your cover photo as Facebook has cut a few pixels off the bottom, so make sure elements of your cover photo are not cut off.

2. Competitor Monitoring
Facebook unveiled a new competitive monitoring feature called “Pages to Watch”. It is located in the ‘Overview’ tab of Page Insights and let’s you see Likes, Posts, and Engagement for the past week. While it is very high-level data, it provides a convenient place to monitor competitor’s performance.
It’s also a great way to brainstorm new content for your own page!

3. Easier Admin Access
A quick reference area to the top right to see the top line stats on your page activity – new likes on your page, and unread notifications; so now there is even less reason to not take advantage of monitoring your performance.

Normally, Facebook changes are something to complain about, but this time, we should be mostly pleased. They are improvements to your overall experience, and should not affect the way that you share content aside from making it easier to do so.

Facebook’s next changes will control what types of advertisements you see. Advertisements will be based interests (i.e. Pages you like), and eventually information from websites you visit or apps that you use. What better way to target someone who is in the market for a new home?

Is your Facebook page ready to compete with new changes? Start sharing content today so that you’ll be able to take advantage of future changes!