With social media constantly changing, it is sometimes difficult to stay up to date with the latest on each platform.  To help wade through that, we have put together this summary of the top things that are new on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and we have provided a “key lesson” for each to turn these changes into benefits for your business.



  • Pre-roll and in-stream video ads: On Facebook, videos rule, and so they are dedicated to finding new opportunities to monetize them. And thus, we should welcome pre-roll and in-stream video ads.
    • Key lesson – Start experimenting with these new ad formats to differentiate yourself from the now ubiquitous newsfeed ads.
  • New algorithm weighs “Reactions” more than “Likes”: When reactions first rolled out, it was unclear how important they would be. See our post “No Need to Overreact to Facebook Reactions”.  It is now clear the Reactions have staying power, and Facebook recognizes it takes an extra effort to mark a reaction – so they are rewarding it.
    • Key lesson – Change your call to action to drive a Reaction, not just a Like.
  • Snapchat features on Facebook: Facebook Stories, which is the Snapchat clone, will be coming to everyone.
    • Key lesson – If you don’t yet have a Snapchat page, wait. Try Facebook Stories to see if your work resonates with your existing audience. Then you can determine if a full Snapchat channel is worth it.


  • Instagram Story ads: You can now pay for increased reach on your Instagram Stories.
    • Key lesson –  Well this is obvious. Before you could only get organic reach on your Instagram Stories.  Now you can pay to boost the impact.
  • Multiple images or videos in single post: Most of us think of Instagram as a single image.  That is changing as you can now put together a slideshow with up to 10 images and/or videos. You can even tag a certain image to a user so they can see that post first.
    • Key lesson – This is a great way to break up the monotony of individual posts particularly when you have a big event or property you want to showcase.
  • Save live video: Live videos no longer need to remain “live”.  In fact, with Instagram Stories, you can create a live video and then save and promote it. It is a nice enhancement on what you can do with Snapchat.
    • Key lesson – Live video has shown to be a useful marketing tool and now you can generate more value from your efforts by saving the good ones.



  • New Look and Functionality: LinkedIn has updated its user interface to a fresh and modern feel. The changes go beyond cosmetics adding functionality that can help users. The most beneficial of those changes is the search functionality which allows you to find articles beyond your Pulse feed.
    • Key lesson – Now that posts are searchable, your content can get greater reach if you tie into popular search terms or hashtags.
  • Native video: Before this update, you could only post a link to a video, but LinkedIn has heard what we all are hearing – that video performs better.  Now you can post Native video to LinkedIn.
    • Key lesson – Video on LinkedIn is still nascent.  There is a real opportunity to differentiate yourself with video here.
  • New Advertising Options: LinkedIn was stuck in the stone age of 2015 with its advertising.  You could only sponsor posts or have text ads. It is part of the reason LinkedIn Ads are so cost in-effective. LinkedIn has opened up new options for lead generation ads, remarketing ads and sponsored messages.
    • Key lesson – Overall, LinkedIn is still the most expensive social network for advertising, but the new options offer ways to separate yourself from the pack.

These are just a few of the changes that are happening Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, but just these few should keep you busy for a while.