Almost 90% of people will review you online before they hire you. If the only thing you post to Facebook is listings, you look like a salesperson. You’re not likely to build relationships, and even worse, you risk alienating your existing fans and followers.

In real estate, you get clients by building relationships – and that leads to sales.  With social media, it seems that people forget that. Social media is a conversation, an exchange of information, not advertising. The best way to build a lasting dialogue with your clients is to consistently provide them with valuable news and information. In social media, valuable content is the gift
that strengthens relationships.
Information is valuable when it is:

» Up to date
Your clients want to know that they’re making their big decisions based on the
latest information. Providing information that makes your clients feel more
informed – newly-published school rankings or recent housing statistics – also
helps you close more deals.

» Authentic
Your clients want to work with someone they trust. They want to get to know
you as a person, not just as their agent. When you talk about your hobbies,
your interests or your involvement in the community, your clients feel more
connected to you.

» Personal
People value information that’s relevant to them. Sending a review of the new
steakhouse in town isn’t valuable to your vegan client, but sharing information
on the local farmer’s market is. When you provide your clients with news they
can use, they’ll reward you with their business and loyalty.

» Educational
Your clients have questions, and you have answers. Sharing your expertise
helps you address and alleviate client concerns, and overcome obstacles to

» Entertaining
When you tell a story that makes people smile, laugh or think, they’ll respond
to it. They’ll also want to share it with their friends. Since 50% of buyers find
their agent through a referral, this positive word of mouth matters.

At Lumentus Social, we wrap that all up into Show Who You Are, Show That You Care and Show What You Know.  Right before you post, ask yourself, does your message meet the above criteria for your audience?  If the answer is yes, post away.  If not, think of how you can adjust your post to be relevant to your audience.  After all, providing your clients with valuable news and information is valuable to you, too.