How to Get Out of That Content Rut

You felt good about your social content strategy, but after a few months it just feels like more of the same. Here are some strategies on how to come up with new ideas for your social channel.  

Analyze what has worked:

You’ve already gained a specific audience and have established connections. Now it’s time to listen to your followers. Do they have suggestions? Hear them out—after all, they are the reason your social channel is successful.

Do they return to particular content? If so, it may be wise to produce more of what they already love, but using different tactics. If your channel mainly consists of text and images, throw in a few videos from time-to-time. Or, if your audience is less responsive to certain content, get rid of it entirely. Remember; listen to your followers — especially if they don’t like certain content.

Pro tip: ask your audience to leave comments or messages of what they’d like to see more or less of. This small engagement shows that you care about your audience and that you’re willing to please them.

Post content that appeals to the audiences’ eyes and ears:

If you haven’t already, mix things up using a variety of posts. For example, don’t share a “how to” article if you’ve already done so recently. Also, add a variety of content types; i.e. articles, videos, photos, and podcasts — this keeps your audience auditorily and visually entertained.

It may be a bit more challenging, but wipe off your content schedule and post content in an irregular order to keep your audience guessing on what you’ll share with them next.

Preview upcoming content:

Spice things up a bit by teasing the audience. Sneak-peaks are a great way to captivate eager followers because they’ll want to find out what the tease is all about. This will increase the likeliness of a follower’s return or amount of time the follower will remain on the channel. Like Facebook, the longer a user stays on the app or site, the more money they gain. So keep your audiences glued to the screen by teasing and satisfying their taste.

Trial and Error:

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to test out new strategies or else you’ll continue in your content rut. It’s totally okay to move away from your existing routines to see if your audience engages with new content. Without testing, you’ll never know what your audience wants more of.

These are only a few strategies that can help you move on from an already established routine. Leave a comment in the comments section if these tactics are helpful!