Holidays and social media are like distant friends. With plans to make, frustration to vent, and oh so many selfies to share, many people reconnect with social media around the holidays. Halloween is no exception. And with the quieter holiday period approaching, you should take advantage of this occasion and increase your social media efforts to stay top-of-mind with your clients. Here are some of the ways you could go about doing that.

1. Dress up your page – When was the last time you changed your cover photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+? If it’s been a while, Halloween is the perfect time to give your social media home a fresh new look. Photos of homes decked out in Halloween decorations usually have the best user engagement around this time of year, so those are always the best to use in your cover photos – which will be distributed to your friend network Personal photos of your family or yourself dressed up for Halloween are also nice – they add a personal touch and create an emotional connection with your audience. Needless to say, use your best judgment – don’t pick a photo that may offend your fans and followers. For extra points, change the color scheme of your Twitter page to orange and black to compliment the Halloween theme.

2. Post Halloween-related content – Inevitably your fans and followers will be seeking out Halloween-related content on the days leading up to it. What better way to provide added values to your community than posting content around popular topics such as DIY costumes, crafts, home decoration, Halloween-themed recipes, etc.? Don’t forget Halloween is also about the supernatural! Tie it all back to real estate with articles about haunted houses. Better yet, find listings for houses that are rumored to be haunted and write posts about the history of the houses. Publishing great content is significantly enhanced if you engage with people who respond to your posts. Check back and find time to write quick responses to your commenters. The more often you do this, the higher you will stay near the top of your followers’ feed, thanks to Facebook’s broadcasting of your activities.

3. All treats, no tricks – Take advantage of Halloween on a Friday and treat it as a Halloween weekend. If you’re showing houses, delight your potential buyers with Halloween-themed treats such as ghost-shaped sugar cookies or crawly spider cupcakes. If you’re having an open house, advise your sellers to add a few Jack-O-Lanterns on the porch but steer clear of excessive decoration to avoid turning off the guests. Most importantly, take plenty of photos with/of everyone enjoying themselves and post them on all of your social media channels throughout the day. This gives your fans a window into a day in your life and showcases your personality to prospective clients. Social media is all about one-to-one connections. It’s easier to build trust when your audience can relate to you. They’ll be more receptive to your message when you‘re ready to approach them.

4. Join the conversation – Finally, though it is important to maintain an active community around your existing fans (we love referrals!), your next potential clients are the ones you haven’t met yet. Watch Twitter’s Top 10 Trending Hashtags on Halloween day to see what people are discussing and chime in. Remember you’re there to be part of the fun, not sell your services. Nobody likes unsolicited offers. If you’re not comfortable with directly engaging strangers on a public platform, start out with a few tweets of your own around the topics that are buzzing and incorporate the trending hashtags. You’d be surprised by where a single tweet that catches someone’s eyes might take you.

Like Halloween itself, a little bit of social media dress up can make the season fun and memorable. Happy posting.