If you think you need to be a celebrity like Federik Eklud from Million Dollar Listing to sell luxury properties via social media, you are wrong. Any broker can generate leads through a targeted social media program. In addition, social media can be the most cost effective way to reach the perfect target audience.

All you need is a Facebook business page, 20 minutes and a few hundred dollars. Just follow these steps to generate interest in your property:

Step 1: Define a target audience – Yes we know that there may be many different types of people interested in your property, but to start, pick one. It could be families moving out from the city or it could be baby boomers downsizing their luxury home to a luxury apartment.

Step 2: Develop your ad concept – Figure out the component of that home or neighborhood that is most appealing to the target audience you chose. For example if it is families moving out from the city, the ad headline could be “Big backyard and close to schools” with an image of the yard. Or an ad to baby boomers who are downsizing could say “No yard to maintain, but still room for the holidays,” with an image of the dining room or kitchen. The key here is the image and language fit closely with the needs of the target audience.

Step 3: Build the ad in Facebook & Set Target Audience and Budget – Take the concept and image and build an ad. Make sure the ad includes a link to your website to learn more about the listing. Also, make sure you set the audience parameters in Facebook’s ad platform. You can be very specific about to whom your ads will be shown – from geography to age range to income level to interests. The more specific the better but make sure your target is at least 1,000 people. Also you can run that ad against a specific email list if you have one. Once the target audience is set, enter a starting budget. We recommend at least $100.

Step 4: Ensure Listing Page Has Right “Call to Action” – When people click on your ad, they should be direct to the full listing, but make sure they have a clear and easy way to contact you if they are interested in the property. Many leads can be lost if there is not a clear and easy “call to action.”

A well targeted ad can generate 10 – 15 people contacting you for each $100 you spend.

Once you have this process down, you can run ads to two or three different target audiences at the same time, but don’t try to run the same ad against multiple different audiences. That will decrease the effectiveness of your campaign.