Whether you are operating in a regulated industry or communicate with a unique audience, generic solutions lead to generic results. Lumentus Social recognizes the unique attributes of each industry and customizes solutions to ensure social media success.

icon-houseReal Estate

Many of the top names in real estate choose Lumentus Social to help them transform their social media channels into a powerful source of lead generation.

Our process begins with great content: we provide relevant industry, local and lifestyle news and information that helps establish thought leadership. Stories and tips on home décor, repair and maintenance help expand and develop your audience, increase engagement and create interactions that generate business.

Our in-house team of experts offer world-class community management and social media advertising to guarantee your target audience of potential customers is consistently engaged, constantly growing and visiting your website.

Lumentus Social is unique in its ability to service brokers, allowing them to deliver social media marketing at scale for its agents, and agents directly through individual plans.

Financial IconFinancial Services

Leading financial services companies rely on Lumentus Social to deliver social media support, because we understand the particular challenges of each industry.

Not only do we recognize that many individuals in the financial services industry would prefer to be “off the grid,” we know that the industry is highly regulated by FINRA and the SEC, and limited by a host of compliance requirements. However, social media is a way that clients expect to connect, and companies that ignore this leave an increasingly lucrative opportunity on the table.

We work with you to meet the needs of your organization. From business unit leaders to each end-user to compliance, we ensure social media activities of all constituents are aligned. We also design solutions to meet the needs of corporate managers and local members with specific requirements in their local markets.

Beverage IconBeverage & Distributor Networks

Producers and distributors of beverages, beer, wine and spirits, face unique challenges in social media marketing.

Lumentus Social delivers the tools and unmatched category experience required to turn these challenges within these industries into revenue-driving opportunities at the local point of sale. Our local marketing solutions make it easy for your sales reps and field marketing teams to customize marketing materials and campaigns to suit local needs.

Generic promotions are a thing of the past, but allowing representatives at a division or business unit to create their own marketing campaigns risks endangering the brand. With our local marketing solutions for the beverage industry, distributors can seamlessly access the most up-to-date marketing material developed by their suppliers and generate content to suit local markets, while ensuring brand messaging stays consistent across all channels and media.

Charity IconCharitable & Non-Profit

As a non-profit organization, you are faced with a serious dilemma with social media. It represents a great opportunity to connect with your audience and distribute your messages, but it is difficult to attain scale. In addition, your social pages seem to engage with fans and antagonists, but does not change hearts and minds. Lumentus Social can help. We offer the most cost-effective and efficient ways to distribute your content to your social media networks and extend that messaging to their friends and followers.

Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a Facebook following of 200,000, Lumentus Social could help power 1,000 friends and followers and reach their networks of 200,000 or more.

Distributed content is the answer for non-profits. We help non-profits streamline the local marketing process while optimizing efficiency and best-practices sharing.

Healthcare IconHealthcare

Whether you are a doctor, dentist, home care provider or pharmaceutical sales representative, you know there is an opportunity with social media but you also know you operate in a regulated industry that constrains what is permissible. In addition, taking care of patients is your expertise, not social media marketing.

Our technology allows you to access a newsfeed of content curated specifically for your social following and easily schedule posts to your channels. That means you will reach more people on more platforms in less time. Using Lumentus Social you can support your business page, but you can distribute content to teams, sales representatives, agents, and local offices to exponentially grow your reach.

The combination of relevant content with scaled reach raises awareness for your brand among potential leads.

Lumentus Social is extremely flexible and permission-based, enabling marketers to identify which materials and assets are accessible to each user or group and how they can be customized.

Lumentus Social ensures regulatory and other important legal elements are incorporated into posts so you avoid costly mistakes while empowering local marketing efforts.

Brand Awareness IconFranchise & Dealer Networks

Franchisors are continually being pushed to further assist independent franchise owners, providing corporate-level marketing activities. Independent franchise owners often conduct their own social marketing activities, but are unsuccessful in effectively putting in place a strong marketing strategy for social media.

Lumentus Social enables the franchisor to seamlessly provide market-leading technology to assist these franchise owners who don’t have enough time or knowledge to manage their social marketing activities effectively.