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Whether you are a doctor, dentist, home care provider or pharmaceutical sales representative, you know there is an opportunity with social media but you also know you operate in a highly regulated industry that constrains what is permissible. In addition, taking care of people is your expertise, not social media marketing.

Our technology allows you to access a newsfeed of content curated specifically for your social following and easily schedule posts to your channels. That means you will reach more people on more platforms in less time. Using Lumentus Social not only can you support your business page, but you can distribute content to teams, sales representatives, agents, and local offices to exponentially grow your reach.

The combination of relevant content with scaled reach raises awareness for your brand among potential leads.

Lumentus Social is extremely flexible and permission-based, enabling marketers to identify which materials and assets are accessible to each user or group and how they can be customized.

Lumentus Social ensures regulatory and other important legal elements are incorporated into posts so you avoid costly mistakes while empowering local marketing efforts.