Why Lumentus Social

Lumentus Social offers leading social media capabilities that seamlessly integrate into digital marketing platforms, enhancing your company’s current product suite.

In doing so, you increase your client’s ability to grow brand awareness, drive website traffic and engage with key audiences. Our proprietary technology gathers, filters and distributes relevant news and information that is meaningful to your clients’ users. We aggregate our content from thousands of general news and trade media as well as social media, press releases and an endless array of other sources and we make it easy to publish to multiple social media platforms.

Take advantage of our domain expertise and technical capabilities to expand your digital marketing solutions.

Get better connected. Expand your customer relationships and increase your revenue opportunities. With Lumentus Social integrated into your platform you will have all the boxes checked when you go up against competitors in that proposal.

Lumentus Social helps you improve connectivity with your customers and for your customers with a solution that is: Affordable, Flexible, Easy to Integrate, Localized.


Integrate in-house Social Marketing efforts on a reasonable budget. With Lumentus Social’s lightweight architecture, offer your clients a leading-edge solution that is affordable and provides a great return on your clients’ investment.


Whether white labeling an “out-of-the-box” solution or integrating the solution into your current product offering, the Lumentus Social platform will meet your requirements.


Open architecture in a cloud environment enables any integration to be seamless with efficient project timelines, while preserving your resources.


Whether in New York, California or Florida – or in other countries — you will be able to support global clients. The functionality-rich solution can gather, organize and post client-specific news and information down to zip code level, ensuring that the content is relevant to your client’s specific needs.