How Lumentus Social Works

Collect + Filter

Social media offers your clients the opportunity to engage with an audience of fans and followers. But where do they come up with the ideas? Lumentus provides the news and information that people want to read, making social media effective.


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ appeal to different audiences and even within those platforms followers have different interests. With Lumentus Social, you easily manage news and information from different feeds and customize them for each platform. Retweet an industry influencer, and then share a great infographic to Facebook within minutes.


Schedule the right content for the right platform at the right time of day. Professionals review their social channels during their commute, while stay-at-home moms are better reached after the kids go to bed. Lumentus Social provides you the tools to schedule posts to reach the right audience at the right time. Posts can be previewed on all platforms to know how they will appear to your audience. Lumentus Social also allows you to efficiently create publishing groups to share the right content with the right audiences.


How do you know if social is working? Facebook provides some metrics, but those do not tell you what content audiences actually value or content performance trends. Lumentus Social takes measurement further by providing metrics that can demonstrate value over time and allowing integration with your platform’s existing metrics.


Social is a great opportunity, but it does come with risks. The team at Lumentus Social will allow you to set up systems to ensure you are monitoring for negative events and that you are capable of responding. In addition, we have experience with the regulatory environments in many industries to help your client ensure they abide by industry guidelines.