Relevancy – When Readers Can Relate

The core of a successful social media campaign revolves around the information and news you post to social media pages. The ability to hyper-target this content is invaluable and often a missed opportunity to increase relevancy to your audience. In addition to content, timing is important. A story’s relevancy at the time of posting or sharing within a social media circle will determine your engagement success among your readers. Relevancy occurs when a reader can relate to an article or post and is therefore inclined to engage with it.

You know who your audience and readers are your clients, your family and your neighbors. Because you know them you are in a good position to curate content they want to read. Pique their interest with local inside facts about the community, people they care about and valuable tidbits about the marketplace you know so well. The online community can have a domino effect – watch as your audiences engage, comment, tweet and share. Suddenly, you are presenting yourself as a thought leader and are cultivating relationship on a broad scale, which can lead to sales or solidify deals. A local focus enhances your reach more quickly and more qualitatively than is achieved by posting general information.

General is boring. Relevancy is key.

Localized Content – Engaging Close to Home

In a recent examination of our most active clients, we were able to identify the content that not only agents felt was most important to share, but that readers found most engaging.

Unsurprisingly, local news and information outperformed generic content. In addition, top performing categories included:

1. Home Improvement

2. The Mash-Up

3. Buyer Seller Tips

Additionally, Lumentus Social gives users the option to create their own posts for publishing as well. The results of our recent content review were really no surprise. It’s what real estate professionals have been telling us all along – customers want to read things that matter to them. By sharing content that they find relevant, you will earn their trust and possibly a new client!