Have you been busy building the number of “likes” you have on your Facebook page? It seems logical that the more people who ‘like’ your page, the better you’re doing on social media. Right?

Not necessarily.

“Likes” may not actually generate the leads you are really hoping to find on Facebook. Here’s why:

1. Facebook knows if someone isn’t really interested in your page
If someone “likes” your page, but never interacts with it, Facebook stops showing that person updates from your page. Facebook keeps track of the interactions you have with other people or pages on Facebook in order to keep showing you content you’re interested in. If your “likes” haven’t interacted with your page in their last 50 interactions, they won’t see your posts in their Facebook feeds anymore.

2. “Likes” who don’t engage can actually hurt you
In order for “likes” to matter, the people who like your page need to engage with your posts by commenting, sharing or clicking through links. Facebook tests how engaging you are by distributing one of your posts to a small percentage of the people who like your page. If these people engage with that post, Facebook will distribute that post to even more people. But, if your “likes” don’t engage, Facebook de-values your content and doesn’t distribute it any further.

So, how can you turn “likes” into leads?

Instead of worrying about how many “likes” you have, you’ll get a lot more out of Facebook if you think about who “likes” or visits your page. After all, if your goal is to uncover potential clients, you want to target people who are actually interested in your services and your expertise.

Here are a few tips on how to earn the “likes” that matter:

Tip 1: Post interesting and valuable content
Quality content captures quality “likes.” Home buyers and sellers are online searching for information, and more and more people are using Facebook as a resource for news, reviews and recommendations. As an agent, you know what buyers and sellers are concerned about and you have answers to the questions they’re asking. Showing that you care and sharing what you know in your Facebook posts will help buyers and sellers find you as they’re doing their research.

Tip 2: Share content that’s close to home
When you post information about your neighborhood and your town, you’re not only showing that you’re an active member of your community. You’re also targeting local sellers and buyers who are looking to move to the area. An increasing number of online searches are influenced by location, so if you publish a post on your local schools, or how to avoid the construction on Main Street, you’re improving your visibility among people who are likely to use your services.

Tip 3: Create a targeted Facebook ad campaign
Facebook allows you to create ads that target specific groups of people. You can choose to target your ad by location, gender, age, likes and interests, relationship status, workplace and education, so your ad reaches the people you’d like to connect with. If people in your target audience engage with your ad, their friends may see your ad, too. Of course, the key to increasing engagement is interesting and valuable content (see Tip 1 and Tip 2).

By targeting people who are interested in the services you provide, you qualify your “likes” on social media the same way you would qualify your leads in person. As more of your “likes” interact or engage with your posts, the stronger your Facebook page will become as a lead generator.