“Live Life Loud!” That was the theme for the Berkshire Hathaway Prudential Real Estate Stand Out 2014 Sales Convention in Nashville earlier this week. For three jam-packed days of general sessions, key note speakers, training, vendor exhibitions, award ceremonies and celebrations, we joined real estate professionals and other real estate affiliated exhibitors from around the country in doing just that…we Lived Life Loud!

The action never stopped.  There were multiple networking sessions such as the opening Vendor and Exhibitor Networking Reception on Sunday evening, which was a busy night of connecting with agents and brokers and talking to them about the value of leveraging their social media assets.  On Monday evening, there was the Live Life Loud Party at Nashville’s historic Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and we even had our picture taken with special guest impersonators, Dolly Parton and Elvis Presley!

On both Monday and Tuesday, the action began each morning with motivational Keynote Speaker sessions, first featuring Marcus Buckingham. His latest book is StandOut, and he spoke to agents and brokers about identifying their “Strength Roles.” Then Katherine Switzer, an athlete and social advocate, described her work in making monumental differences for women in sports and health.

For our part, to help keep the energy levels high enough to Live Life Loud in Nashville, we served tasty coffee at the Lumentus Social exhibitor booth during both vendor exhibition days. The jolt of java was just what many real estate brokers and agents needed to put some extra spring in their steps as they combed the exhibitor aisles looking for the best tools and services to improve their bottom line for the year ahead.

As we poured our well-blended coffee, we chatted with brokers and agents about how using the Lumentus Social tool makes it easy for real estate professionals to regularly post well-blended and relevant stories from our highly curated news feed to their social media pages.

While agents and brokers sipped the warm and aromatic brew, we were able to quickly demonstrate how they could enhance their social media assets simply by sitting down with a cup of coffee each morning, selecting just the right community or industry related story for their audience, clicking onto the story link and then posting it. A lot of heads nodded in agreement. “Great idea about the coffee!” we heard. “Love the concept. Where can I get more information about Lumentus Social? Can I get a demo? Can I get a free trial?” Sure!

Word quickly got out about the coffee at the Lumentus Social booth and soon many hands carried the signature yellow cup as brokers and agents alike made their way from the aisles of the exhibit hall into the corridors of the expansive Convention Center and beyond.

The event closed with yet another bang as Reba McEntire performed in a benefit concert to support the Berkshire Hathaway charity, The Sunshine Kids‎. Certainly, no jolt of coffee was needed to energize Reba’s performance. After the show, we said farewell to all that Nashville energy and headed back to our home base in New York. We were more energized than ever, though, to show agents and brokers everywhere how they too can begin the process of boosting their social media strategies.

Yes!  Live Life Loud!  But over here at Lumentus Social? We prefer to say, “Live Life Connected!” Rapidly expand your spheres of influence. Remain top-of-mind with clients. Rework your routine to regularly create true moments of engagement with all the people in your social media networks.  Give your social media strategy the jolt it needs.  Do it now!