In our ongoing commitment to bring the right blend of news and information to the users of Lumentus Social, we have partnered with Inman News to curate and deliver the top real estate stories of the day to professionals across the country. Real Estate professionals have relied on Inman for comprehensive coverage of real estate news for years. Starting today, our clients have the option to receive a filtered feed of the most relevant news to read, comment on and easily post to their social networks to both inform their audience as well as improve their expert profiles.
When it comes to keeping up with news and social media about the real estate industry, some people want as much as they can eat, but others just want a taste. Lumentus Social is proud to work with Inman to deliver the right type and amount to meet our clients’ needs.
Partnering with Inman News is another important step in our commitment to make social media easier and more effective for our real estate clients.
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