In social media, the quickest way to spread the word is by posting messages that your fans and followers will want to share with their own social networks. At Lumentus Social, we want to help you power your social media conversations with share-worthy news and information so you can reach a wider audience.


What Does It Mean To Be Share-Worthy?

If you want people to share your messages, you need to provide interesting and valuable news and information. Share-worthy messages typically have these three traits in common – they are useful, meaningful and relevant to your audience:


School statistics, real estate trends and how-to articles are just a few examples of useful information. In addition to informing and educating your fans and followers, useful information helps people feel confident about making purchasing decisions. And remember, information is only useful if it’s delivered to the right people at the right time. The great thing about social media is that it’s instant and it’s mobile, so people can access useful information anytime, from any place.


Information is meaningful when it comes from a trusted source. In real estate, Inman News and
RISMedia are trusted sources of industry information. With social media, brokers and agents have the opportunity to establish themselves as sources of reliable information, as well. In fact, studies such as the Edelman Trust Barometer show that trust is shifting from institutions to individuals. People turn to experts and their peers for answers when they are searching for information, so consistently providing accurate and timely news is a smart way to build a following in social media.


Current, local information resonates with your audience because it’s close to home and it’s relevant to their daily lives. Most of us have a natural tendency to care more about things we can relate to. That’s why context is so important. Put yourself in the shoes of your fans and followers and think about what matters to them.


Listening To Your Audience

You’ll increase your chances of consistently publishing share-worthy content by understanding what’s important to your audience and paying attention to the types of news and information they already share. Keep in mind that your audience likely includes different groups of people with different needs and interests, so getting the right news and information to the right people may take a little practice and patience. Start by focusing on your core audience and providing the share-worthy news and information they want and need. As you gain confidence and success in social media, you can begin to target your social media posts to different audience segments and the chances of your posts being shared will grow even more!