We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Lumentus Social website. As purveyors of social media and stewards of digital brands, we are often asked, “Why bother to invest in updating your website, if it is not designed as a lead generation tool?” 

To this, we respond that a company’s website is the front door to the business. It is often the first place people visit to learn about your firm and its team. The look and feel must be authentic to your brand and positioning.  It can entice those who have heard of you to learn more…or,  it can turn them away.  

Like a pair of shoes over time, Lumentus Social’s web presence had become worn.  In fact, we had developed multiple websites to serve multiple audiences with an inconsistent look and feel.  In addition, the language of the site failed to reflect how we work with clients and approach solutions. On top of it all, the Lumentus Social brand was inconsistent with our parent and partner, Lumentus.

Our new website is designed to address these points and showcase our values. The core principles that drove the development were as follows:

  • Focus on people and how we help clients reach their target audience
  • Define solutions around business goals so client can define clear results for their social marketing investment
  • Provide strong, measurable case studies from a few of the many clients we serve across numerous industries
  • Deliver a modern look and feel that reflects our design aesthetic and complements the Lumentus website

We believe the new site does that. We hope you agree.