Real estate agents and brokers are always asking us, “How do I gain more Facebook fans and Twitter followers?”

There are two answers to this question.

The first answer is posting engaging content. No one wants to take the time to look at a social media profile that isn’t posting anything of value; let alone like/follow it and keep coming back. Once you’re posting articles and information that people want to consume and respond to on a regular basis then you can start to think about implementing tactics to grow your fan base.

The second answer to this question can go in many directions. Today I will focus on tactics to grow your fan base that don’t involve using social. The following tips are things you can do without posting to a social media page or paying to advertise your pages on social media.

Don’t Just Tell Your Clients to Visit Your Page, Tell Them Why They Should Visit

Remember that great content we were talking about earlier? Well, this is when you get to flaunt it. Clients get tired of being asked to like a Facebook page. To them, it sounds like you just want your numbers higher. You have to tell your clients what’s in it for them.

Why should they visit your social media pages? Because they will find great tips every first-time renter needs to know, or learn that a Top Chef contestant is opening a restaurant in the neighborhood they are looking to move to. These are just two examples of news and information that can help to keep prospective, existing and former clients coming back to your social media pages.

When you tell them to visit your page, make it really easy for them to find your page by giving them the actual name of (or the link to) your Facebook page and Twitter account so that they can find it easily. If you just tell them to check you out on social media, they might search for a minute, have trouble finding it and give up.

Put Links to Your Social Media Pages in Your Digital Communications

Do you send emails to your clients? Do those emails have the links and names of your Facebook page and Twitter account?

I expect the answer to the first question to always be yes. I expect the answer to the second question to be yes after you finish reading this post.

Whether you are sending emails, e-newsletters or e-anything to your clients, digital communications are great places to include links to your social media accounts. Put them in your email signature so that when someone looks up your phone number, they will also be exposed to the fact that you have social media pages. And to reiterate the first tip, don’t just type “Like My Page –” in your signature – give them a reason to click.

Plaster Your Printed Marketing with Your Social Media Links

Mailers, postcards, business cards and even closing packages are all opportunities to grow your social media fan base. This doesn’t mean that you should just paste a Facebook and Twitter icon and call it quits. Put the exact links or names of your accounts and give your audience a reason to search for your social accounts.

In the “Resources in Your Area” section of a closing package, show your clients that you can be an ongoing resource for them. Include a line at the bottom of the page that says “Learn more about the weekend food festival and high school championship football team at my Facebook and Twitter accounts.” The right message at the right time is a powerful way to get that bump in your number of fans and followers.

Make Sure The Social Media Links On Your Website and Blog Are Up To Date

There is absolutely no worse experience then having a potential fan click on your website’s social media icon only to land on a webpage that says “Sorry, That Page Doesn’t Exist.” Double check that all your social media icons lead to the correct webpage. If they don’t, then make sure to update or remove them.

The bottom line is, if you put your social media links wherever you can and give people a reason to click then you will see your social media fan base grow.