Inman News recently delivered a special report called “Which Digital Marketing Tactics Provide Bang For Your Buck – And Which Are Just a Bust,” and the results affirmed that social media is more than just a nice way to keep in touch with old friends and colleagues: it’s effective, and important for those looking to market small businesses. The report, which included a survey of hundreds of real estate professionals, found that digital marketing does indeed work. The report also found, however, that there is no magic bullet; the best way to succeed is to persevere and to focus on building success through long-term commitment to digital marketing.

Below are some of the key insights as relating to social media:

  • Facebook is the most effective platform – When asked to choose one digital marketing tactic that yielded the most results, real estate professionals responded with these top 4 answers: email marketing, building a Facebook profile, Zillow advertising and Facebook advertising. The percentage that felt Facebook was the most effective, with both answers combined, greatly exceeded any other category, making it the #1 digital marketing platform to use.
  • High dissatisfaction with Zillow – While almost 10% of the people surveyed reported Zillow was the most effective tactic, over 15% reported it as the most overrated. Facebook’s combined effectiveness (building a profile and ads) was almost 27%, and with a dissatisfaction level of only 5%.
  • Twitter and LinkedIn are not seen as effective – While over 40% of survey takers report using Twitter and LinkedIn* as a digital marketing tactic, only about 1% report either as the most effective platform.

With their merger, Zillow and Trulia have garnered a lot of attention, and to some, Facebook seems like old news as a marketing option for real estate. But these survey results affirm that Facebook should be core component a real estate professional’s marketing plan.

In addition, as the survey highlighted that success is about consistency and longevity, Facebook’s offering of accessibility at a price point much lower than Zillow and Trulia speaks to its ability to truly fit a real estate marketer’s needs.

Read the full article here.

* LinkedIn is combined into “maintaining/promoting other social media profiles” so its exact number is unknown.