As a real estate agent, you are your own small business. And, you’re selling yourself short if you’re not using leveraging the power of social media to build that business. We recently came across an article on the U.S. Small Business Administration ( community blog about how small businesses can take their social media activities to the next level.

The simple fact is clients expect you to be on social media because they are. Statistics on the value of social media are compelling. According to a survey by Market Force, a majority of social media users are more likely to purchase from a business they are connected with and 78% of people say that posts by businesses they follow on social media influence their purchases.

The blog suggests picking the social media site(s) that work for you. Facebook is still the social network of choice for agents and brokers, and over 80% of brokers and agents have Facebook pages. Remember that your Facebook page often lands on the first page of search results, so your page is a great opportunity for you to impress buyers and sellers who are conducting research online.

Listening, fostering fan-to-fan engagement and using an authentic voice are also important for creating strong social media communities. If you treat social media as an extension of the customer service you offer your clients offline, you’ve taken an important step towards integrating social media into the way you do business.

Of course, the blog also mentions the value of sharing interesting and visual content. Your social media pages are the perfect place to share news about your business and your community. Over time, it’s the quality of the content you share that will help you stand out from the crowd.

The bottom line is – social media marketing is here to stay, and it can have a real impact on your bottom line. By utilizing your offline skills in a social way online, you can now be everywhere for your clients and can convert fans and followers into buyers and sellers by promoting yourself,  your business and your expertise in the local area real estate market.