People’s relationships seem to become more and more digitized every day. Whether a break-up,
proposal, marriage, or divorce, we dash to the almishutterstock_562651813ghty newsfeed, making our most intimate life moments “official”. Even happy, strong couples ma
y come to find a shockingly large portion of their dialogue to be nothing more than binary. We find ourselves in an age where the times we spend with our significant others are almost as public as the parties we attend,

That said, what has come from year after year of this behavior, sharing all we say and do, is a particularly fascinating amount of introspection that we’re just now beginning to uncover. Though we may never define how the modern relationship exists, the arrival of Valentine’s day has surely placed this on everyone’s radar.

No need to be morbid. In fact, many today claim that, when used properly, social media can bring people together, even succeeding in almost 15% more help than harm. It also allows a peek into loved one’s lives when you miss each other most, whether three hours away, or on the other side of the world. What’s more, despite the notion that our apps erode trust, one could argue that this exposes red flags which may have otherwise been hidden, leading you to find someone more compatible down the line.

Content from every corner of media will gladly delve into the woes of digitalization. The doomsday theorists of love tell us to prepare for the worst. While this may be attractive to ponder, it gets us nowhere, especially when keeping in mind studies, finding majority of couples claiming social media’s positive impacts. Listing off the hurdles of social media is simply ignoring the many benefits it can provide, and pretends that it is, rather, out to get us.
The impact on this matter is noshutterstock_525893200 longer exclusive to personal relationships, either. In the past several years, more brands have leapt to the opportunity to utilize this loving holiday to promote their message as well. With an estimated $14 billion spent in the US on Valentine’s Day last year, it’s a no-brainer that getting your face in front of users can give your presence, and revenue, a major bump. In spirit of the good regarding social media’s positive impacts across the board, here are some great social Valentine’s Day ideas:




  • Create and share poems, quotes, and general inspiration. This is a great way to boost your engagement and show off your sensitive side.
  • Start a brand-themed Valentine’s Day Hashtag. This is a perfect plan that provides simple and straightforward tracking, and opens up a wide range of integration to any social media channel.
  • Host a Valentine’s day photo or video contest. With the simple use of a hashtag, this is a phenomenal way to promote brand presence and user community, and sets out to capture a genuine portrait of what this holiday is all about.
  • And for your loved one? Bring content from social that’s special to you from the web to your significant other’s arms. Whether it be a printed memoir of the first chat conversations you had, or photos from an unforgettable memory.

Whether you’re looking to give your brand a big holiday bump, or finding a tech-savvy way of spilling your guts to that special someone, there’s no doubt that Valentine’s Day is not one to be overlooked on social.