Brand Awareness IconBrand Awareness

One key opportunity with social media is to stay top-of-mind with new and potential customers, but that requires consistent publishing of stories that resonates.

Our technology allows you to access a newsfeed of content curated specifically for your social following and easily schedule posts to your channels. You will reach more people on more platforms in less time. Using Lumentus Social you can support your business page and you can distribute content to teams, sales representatives, agents, and local offices to exponentially expand your reach.

The combination of relevant content with scaled reach raises awareness for your brand among potential leads.

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Targeted Audience Engagement IconTargeted Audience Engagement

Social media offers a great opportunity to consistently interact with a very specific target audience. Our team of community managers has experience engaging one-to-one with potential leads using social media.

In addition to access to Lumentus Social technology, our experienced social team will create a monthly social content calendar and conduct community management on each post engaging with potential customers on a personal level and, where appropriate, add social advertising to enhance impact.

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Lead Generation IconLead Generation

The power of social media over other platforms includes ability to track performance in real time, efficiently A/B testing content and landing pages, and optimize towards best performing creative.

A successful social strategy incorporates content, community management, and targeted paid advertising. With that in mind, a dedicated client team will write a detailed advertising strategy based on your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to increase sales or recruit new employees, our social advertising experts ensures your campaign succeeds.

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