While social media has become pervasive in our society, it is still highly debated whether it is valuable for small businesses. People are skeptical about social media’s validity, and wonder if it is a necessary piece of building their brand. Below are three reasons why social media is essential for small businesses:

A personal touch

Most businesses do not sell a unique product. You may have a new take on another idea, but you need to demonstrate your differentiation. Social media gives your business the ability to do that and engage your community in unique ways. Engagement is of vital importance to SME’s for building trust. It lets consumers know that your brand has a voice and it listens to what they have to say. From B2C to B2B, all types of markets rely on direct interaction and a touch of the personal brand that only social media is capable of giving through its widespread reach.

Boosting conversions and awareness of brand

Social media is a tool that fulfills the daily communication, interaction and sharing needs of small businesses. The more a company is present in social media with both cost effective ads and real time posting, the higher the chance of people noticing it and learning about it. Most small business could not afford the cost of television or print ads, and plus those media channels are inflexible. Social is relatively inexpensive and easy to quickly adapt to changing market conditions. Moreover, this presence allows people to take a chance with the brand that transforms into conversions. For businesses today, more customer engagement is equal to more lead generations.

Social media and SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as commonly known to people is very vital concept these days. SEO is one of the primary factors that allow brands to get free publicity through search engines. When social media is used for SEO, it creates a huge impact. Search engines like Google and Bing considers a company’s social presence to rank it online and show it on their search results when people are looking for something similar or related to what these companies offer.


Social media has the power of affecting your brand positively or negatively. Businesses using only traditional methods will find themselves at a significant disadvantage to companies that do. It is like a business without a website competing with one that does.