Tips for Building an Effective Facebook Listing Ads

Facebook offers a very cost effective way to promote your new listings. Its robust ad platform offers many different advertising and audience targeting options. And therein lies the rub – the list of options and variables can be so long that it is overwhelming. Below are a few tips to narrow your decisions to help maximize performance.

  1. Mobile v. Desktop:

As a general rule of thumb, mobile ads are better for raising awareness and desktop ads are better for generating conversions. So what does that mean for your listing? For new listings, start with mobile. Showcase to your client that you are marketing their property and generating lots of visibility. As a property stays on the market, your client will care more about showings. Move your ads to desktop to significantly improve your conversion rate.

Also if you should tune your ads for mobile v. desktop. Desktop ads can handle a larger description. For mobile focus on a max image and the shortest copy possible.

Mobile Desktop
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2. Image Selection:

For the most part, we see people using the photo from the curb to showcase the house. That is a good start, but you should consider the following ideas to generate better results:

  • Contrast and vibrant colors perform better – While you want to showcase the whole house, you need to remember that users are scrolling through their newsfeed and you need them to stop. If there is a kitchen or room with great color, consider using that image and a related headline that says something like, “Think this kitchen is striking, you should see the whole house.”
  • Authentic images and people with interesting expressions perform better – This tip is counter to the general advice to remove all pictures from the home, because if the people do not resonate the person might not see themselves in the home. While that may be true on a walkthrough, kids playing on a play set or people displaying emotion help people engage with an ad. If you have images of people on the property and permission to use them, consider it for your Facebook ad.

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3. Choosing the Right Copy:

Less is more in social media. Additionally, research shows that a good headline can generate a 10% lift in performance or more. To break out of the norm, focus on the following concepts when developing a headline:

  • Solve a Problem – You are not selling the whole house in the ad – just trying to draw them in. “Love to cook. You must check out this kitchen.” Or “Need more space for the family. Check out this great room.”
  • Tease the Listing – You often see teaser headlines as sponsored stories on major news sites. They are headlines like “You won’t believe how this star looks now.” Applying that idea to homes, you should try headlines like “You won’t believe this master bath” or “You never thought you could get this at this price.” These headline approaches are aggressive, but they work.

Don’t forget that specific headlines can be sent to a specific target audience via Facebook’s robust targeting capabilities. If your headline appeals to new moms, then just send the ad to that audience. And of course, with social media, it pays to A/B test multiple ads. It may cost you a bit more upfront, but your performance over time will be much better.

Overall it is the combination of location, image and headline that achieves the best results.

Let us know your thoughts, and good luck with your ads.

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