3 Tips to Help Boost Ad Performance

Facebook and digital advertising offers a highly targeted and measurable way to promote your company and its listings, and thus, many companies are shifting funding to this type of promotion. That said, not all Facebook advertising is created equal.  Variations in ad language, targeting and images can drive significant differences in performance. Follow these three tips to get better Facebook advertisement results.


  1. Hire a professional photographer

One of the most important things to remember is that the ad’s image is the first thing a lead sees. If the image catches their eye, they will click it to find out more. If you need to take a photo for a real estate advertisement for example, hire a professional who has an eye for captivating details, and can adjust lighting and enhance the image using Photoshop. Put it this way: if the house looks uninviting, dark, or small, less people will be attracted to it. Here’s are two campaigns with different images. The ad on the right performed better because of its attractive dining room, whereas the other ad failed to include the house entirely. The grounds for campaign #523 might be impressive, but the image should have included the house as well—not many people are willing to buy a vacant lot.
Picture1         Picture2

#366                                                                           #523

CPM = $6.85                                                            CPM = $19.66

CPC = $0.16                                                              CPC = $2.08



  1. Proper audience for the budget

Do a little homework before placing your ad. Check to see what the location’s average income is and select the appropriate audience that matches the property’s cost. If a listing costs $1 million, choose an income range of $350,000 – $500,000 or over. If a listing isn’t priced as high, choose a wider range of incomes so that more leads can window shop/ click around. Here are two ads that performed differently because of their different images and different income ranges. The ad on the right would have performed better if it included a wider audience selection and a better image.

Picture3            Picture4

#645                                                                 #591

CPM = $12.63                                                 CPM = $14.77

CPC = $0.24                                                    CPC = $1.38



  1. Choose short, attractive descriptions and titles

Whenever someone scrolls down their newsfeed they’re either grabbed by the image or the ad language. Avoid using clichés or sophisticated words. Keep things simple. City, town, something the location or listing is known for, etc. The ad will perform better if there are broad, attractive details. For example, if a property is located on the water, write something like “waterfront property.” The ads below slightly vary in copy. The ad on the left mentions that it’s a scenic property, while the ad to the right doesn’t really include visual description or attractive details.

Picture5         Picture6

#621                                                                      #163

CPM = $15.14                                                      CMP = $17.94

CPC =   $0.40                                                      CPC = $1.54


Once the appropriate target is hooked on the appearance of the ad they will engage with it. It’s as simple as that.