Unmanaged LinkedIn Profiles Are a Blight.

A beautiful community that has a few run-down properties diminishes the neighborhood’s overall value. This analogy applies to firms or practices that has partners whose behavior or appearance does not represent the brand. This is particularly true in a digital world where every professional has an online profile.

As the company’s marketing director, your job is to make the neighborhood attractive. Partners with LinkedIn account with outdated information and an unacceptable headshot, do not just make themselves look bad, they harm the firm.

If a prospective client is evaluating two firms, and one a company has a superior website and a team with a well-developed LinkedIn pages and bios, the prospect will be more likely to work with them.

In fact, articles from Forbes validate this point. If a business includes headshots and clear bios on their websites, the consumer is more likely to trust the professional—it adds a personal touch and a face to a name.  

While some marketing managers feel a person’s LinkedIn profile is that person’s business, it is actually the opposite. In a professional services firm, it is actually the company’s business.   

Once you get everyone to understand that, here’s what you can do to fix that issue. Be sure everyone in the firm has a LinkedIn profile. If there are members who don’t have one, build one for them. Develop a template for how all LinkedIn profiles should look including the image. We recommend having a photographer come by once a quarter, but if that is not possible, set a template of how people should look. Finally, make sure all website pages linked to each member’s LinkedIn profile to their bio. This makes it easier for people to find the right Richard Smith.

After the neighborhood gets cleaned up the firm is guaranteed to see more profile traffic—that’s when you know you have successfully transitioned the firm into the digital age. This is an important first step to building the firm’s online presence. Keep following us to find out how you can maintain their newly created profiles to generate more firm exposure and new client leads.