The number of potential homeowners searching for their luxury dream house online is up, according to the latest numbers from Google. Home-related searches are up across the board, good news for the real estate industry and even more reason to hone your digital strategy for selling luxury real estate.

With transactions expected to rise in the next 6-12 months, what specifically can you do to take advantage of these trends?

These three key tactics leverage social media ho help companies rank higher in search:


Differentiate yourself with targeted content– People looking to buy a house are often entering a life transition. You can rank higher in search and get more exposure if you share stories that relate to their life stage. Know your audience, if it’s a luxury buyer, where they’re going, what stage in life are they in and where are they coming from.

Here are the key facts from Google:

  • People searching for real estate are 5x more likely to search about planning for retirement
  • People searching for real estate are 4x more likely to search about finding child care
  • People searching for real estate are 4x more likely to search for furniture. In addition, vintage and antique furniture is trending more than rustic, contemporary, shabby chic and traditional
  • People searching for small homes are 3x more likely to search for gardening, 8x more likely to search for woodworking and 4x more likely to search for knitting
  • Be a resource to your clients, consistent to the above trends. Send your client’s interesting articles about planning for retirement or how to make furniture look vintage. Customize your social media content to appeal to these buyers by providing relevant tidbits of information to establish yourself as an expert!


Increase exposure by posting when people are online– Increase your engaging with social media when potential customers are online. Posting at the right time increases your chances of content appearing in people’s newsfeeds. Since the majority of traffic comes from mobile devices, we’ve listed the top times for targeting!

  • Mobile usage peaks at 6pm
  • Tablet usage peaks at 11pm – after the kids go to bed
  • Search related to home buying are highest over the weekend

Post around 5pm, 10pm and in the late morning over the weekend. Don’t worry, you do not need to actually be online at that time. You can use technology, like Lumentus Social’s scheduling software to send articles on specific dates and times.


Maximize your impact with targeted advertising– Different audiences related better to different content. A luxury buyer whose retiring and looking to move from the suburbs to the city is interested in different information than a luxury buyer just starting a family looking for a home. You can reach a distinct real estate audience targeting selected posts to individual groups. For example, if you are sharing articles about retirement planning – these posts should be targeted at ages 55+ and who are homeowners. You can even select specific cities and interests. 

When choosing content to post on social media, be conscious of who your preferred audience is so that you can choose accurate targeting options to increase your exposure and online presence.

These three easy steps will make a big difference and help you differentiate yourself from the crowd. To dive deeper into Google’s research, you can check out the full article here.