Despite what you may think, luxury buyers are no different than anyone else when it comes to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They love engaging content that interesting and appealing. Some of the world’s top high-end brands have seen big spikes in sales by engaging and interacting with customers online.

Below are specifics examples of what a few of those brands are doing and how it could apply to your business:

Bring Your Story To Life

People glance over hard facts; they remember a story. Bringing an experience to life will resonate with potential buyers more than simply square footage and number of bedrooms.

A great example of a luxury brand elevating its reach and driving additional business through telling a story in social media is Burberry. The fashion company earned top honors for developing and executing a multi-channel content strategy that targeted customers where they consumed information. Burberry developed an influencer marketing campaign call “The Art of the Trench” centered around their iconic trench coat.

Burberry successfully did what every luxury real estate agent and retailer should aim to do — tell a story. Burberry leveraged influencers and created compelling content to help bring their iconic trench coat to life. Your luxury properties have 5 bedrooms and 7 baths, but what story can you tell about the experience of living in the home and community?

Video and Unique Access

Luxury brands are leveraging enhanced imagery and video more than ever to give people access like never before. Chanel created buzz for its brand on Instagram and Twitter. Its high-end imagery has a high level of appeal on Instagram, but its use of two-second GIFs catch the audience’s eye and drive industry leading engagement. In addition, on Twitter, Chanel used short videos to successfully draw millions of views to its products.

While you may not be ready for an Instagram or Twitter channel, creating GIFs and short videos that highlight an area of a home will differentiate you.  Here are links to Chanel’s Instagram and Twitter account to see how they execute.

You can apply these concepts to real estate by creating a separate video tour of the fabulous wine cellar or the walk through the garden to the pool. Make that video available only to people who follow-up on social media or provide their contact information. This will put a figurative red rope around your listings and drive more interest.
While you may think these brands are getting social to drive online sales, Chanel does not sell its products online. They have invested in social to build brand awareness and generate foot traffic in stores, which is very relevant to the luxury home market.

Investing in Highly Targeted Social Ads

53% more luxury brands are spending money for social media ads than they were a year ago.  This is because Facebook, and now Instagram, offer powerful targeting capabilities to reach your desired audience. Plus, the cost to reach them is a lot less than the traditional print approach.

With the data we can now access, it is possible to build a target list that takes into account demographic data like geography, age, gender and income. It then adds a layer of contextual and behavioral data. This means your promoted content will reach just the right audience.

While you may have to pay-to-play with social media now-a-days, the good news is a few dollars go a long way. Social media allows luxury brands to create a very specific target audience, based on everything from interests to job to location.

Luxury brands have very specific messages that may not be meant for a mass audience and worth the investments of a newspaper, magazine or TV ad. Social ads allow brands to test what is resonating and what isn’t, then quickly adjust and engage on the fly to best understand the audience.

Overall if you sell luxury real estate your approach should be to think of the lifestyle the property appeals to, create engaging content that is attractive to that lifestyle and target the perfect audience who will connect with that content.