Luxury sellers have come to expect to see their homes in glossy brochures and relevant newspaper ads. That’s the way it’s always been done, so that’s what we continue to do. High-end magazines and newspaper ads definitely reach the right zip codes, but they’re not measurable and you don’ t know how many people are actually seeing the ad.

Social media changes the game for marketing your next property.  Advertising strategies allow you to reach the right zip codes, tailor your message to specific audiences and measure the number of people who saw the listings.  As an added bonus, you can drive potential buyers directly to your website, track them and gather information to further market to that audience.

To show you the value of social media ads, we compared the costs and effectiveness of an ad in Design NJ versus a social media ad in the same local market. Prices are based on the magazine’s media kit.


The tale of the tape is clear.  The next time you are thinking about spending your marketing budget on that print ad, consider reallocating some of the money into a more effective and measurable social media ad.