As a small business owner, you may have wondered why social media hasn’t provided high returns for your business—you’ve probably heard how important it is to be active in social media, and what a cornerstone of every marketing strategy it should be. So why doesn’t it deliver more for you?

That’s exactly what we, partnered with Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate, set out to investigate with an industry survey, research, and studies enacted from March 2015 to July 2016.

Specifically focused on real estate agents—but with applications to all industries—in this year of research, we found a great chasm between the social media “haves” who are using social to grow their business, and the “have nots,” who are struggling due to the time and cost investments. We gathered our key takeaways, as well as detailed action items for small business (especially real estate) social media users, to reach levels of success realistically, in a whitepaper titled The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Social Media: Why Social Isn’t Working For You and How to Fix it.

With specific plans for each level of user on time and resources, audience, content, engagement, advertising, and success measurement, this paper provides helpful insights for all business applications.

We’ve also created a layout of the real social media landscape and expectations in terms of small business users, with insights like the fact that 60% of real estate professionals believe social is primarily for networking (and not lead generation), and that only 35% post on a daily basis.

To gain your actionable insights and to discover your custom social media plan for success, for free, download the whitepaper now:

Download Whitepaper: Why Social Media Isn't Working for You and How to Fix It