In a recent article, RIS Media discussed how the most successful brokerages and agents are an integral part of their community. In the past that meant participating physically in community events and in-person contact. While there is no substitute for live connections technology and social media have shifted when and where community members interact, allowing agents to take old school tactics and use them in new school ways.

While flyers and handouts are still used occasionally, email and social media are the way most events and community activities are promoted. Local news which was once available weekly via paper is now accessible online instantaneously. And social media has become a facilitator of this news and local information creating more online conversations and changing the way people find information. These changes to way we interact have afforded brokers and agents an opportunity to expand the people they reach physically and join the conversation using social media to build stronger relationship with its community by posting content that people care about. A crucial element is talking about the things that
are happening and the goings on that are important in your town.

While this general rule may seem helpful, here are 3 specific reasons to posting local content on social media will help your business:

1. When People Buy a House They are Also Buying the Community

A sense of community can have a huge impact on a homebuyer, influencing whether a house is just bricks and timber, or a place where they can raise their children. If they are interested in the house then tell them what they want to hear! How are the local restaurants? Where are the 4th of July fireworks this year? Nobody knows your community better than you and posting authentic local content is a priceless way of showing off your wealth of knowledge.
2. Improved SEO

Like any business, real estate agents rely on referrals, but let’s not forget that 89% search their agents online before they hire them. This article by Social Media Today explains how content that uses certain key words can help improve your online visibility. This is crucial, as “67% of internet searches are affected by geo-location or a specified location”. So, posting local content has an even greater impact on a real estate agent’s online presence and visibility.
3. Building an Online Persona

Pam O’Connor, President of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, (LeadingRE), believes that the difference lies in the ability of their affiliates to “build their own brands and distinct personas in the marketplace”. The type of content that you post is part of building your online persona and shape people’s perceptions of you in the marketplace. Social media is a great avenue for crafting your online persona.

Local content provides a great opportunity to brokerages and agents to build a strong connection with their local community. Simple tools, such as Lumentus Social, deliver that local content to you in an easy-to-use platform, providing the content that is relevant to you and your local community. With the support of a good technology, you can increase your relevance and exposure in no time at all.