Social media is here to stay as an important tool for real estate agents and brokers to connect with potential new and existing clients.  With over 80% of agents and brokers on Facebook and nearly 70% on LinkedIn, it is important to understand that not everyone uses social media the same way.  When thinking about how to improve your social media assets, it is helpful to understand your level of social media savviness.  Most agents fall into one of the following broad categories:

1. Power Users

Power users are social media experts who make full use of tools such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with their clients. In most cases, they are early adopters who have a social media strategy and post either multiple times a day or to multiple social media channels. Power users are confident in social media and use a mix of personal and professional news and information to build strong relationships with their clients.

2. Consistent Publisher

Yeoman publishers post to their social media pages on a semi-regular basis, but may struggle with finding the right types of news and information to share with their audience. They are comfortable with social media and, with a little patience and effort, will learn to master the two-way conversation on social media.

3. Social Optimists

Social optimists have created social media accounts, but are still learning how to make the most of their social media assets. In some instances, these agents and brokers have started Facebook pages, but neglected to keep their pages up to date with fresh and relevant news and information. Others have completely abandoned their social media pages.

 4. Skeptics

Skeptics have no social media presence at all. Although they may recognize the conceptual value of social media, these agents and brokers do not think they will generate much value with social media.  These people are not necessarily in this category forever, they just need to see the value for THEIR BUSINESS.

People do not move from Skeptics to Power Users in one step.  By understanding the tiers, you can help people who are ready move up with the right language and tools that meet their comfort level.  While there are many social media technologies available, most of them cater to, or are best suited for, Power Users who already feel confident or comfortable in social media. Lumentus Social is designed to help agents and brokers at all levels of social savvy succeed in social media. By providing a steady stream of fresh, relevant and local news and information and making it easy to post to one or more of your social media accounts with just a few clicks, Lumentus Social makes social media easier and more effective – whether you’re a Power User or a Skeptic dipping your toes into the social media pool.